Do-it-yourself Green Gift Ideas.

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Even though there is a push for a lot of new gadgets and other toys that won’t really be used as much as we always think, why not make something homemade that will produce less waste? Homemade gifts always mean so much more than the ones purchased at stores. If nothing else, it will be much cheaper than that fancy electronic toy and it will help you keep more money in your pockets.


Bracelet made from a fork. It’s not nearly tacky as you might think.

Tohoku Tote. This is a beautiful sewing project that could be done with some of those remnants you’ve saved.

Flower Hair Clip. This is so cute that I’d probably wear it, and I’m not one for hair accessories!

Birds Nest Necklace. Such an easy and pretty necklace, and the eggs are beads!

Credit Card Holder. A cute little wallet.

Consumable Related

Coffee Cup Sleeve. They’re cute, easy to make and can be quite pretty. Bonus? Hands that aren’t burnt!

Around the House

DIY magnets. Want some kitchy magnets for that friend who needs but doesn’t like normal magnets? Here you go!

Fridge Pen Holder. Never lose that pen that works again. Well, in theory.


Sock Puppet. It’s a classic.


If you want to knit or crochet toys but don’t know where to start, try Ravelry. It’s basically a huge storehouse for patterns – many free! I love this site and have a profile, too. has a list of delicious food that you can make for people. You should seriously check it out. But age old is making mixes for people to make whatever it is – cookies, cocoa, etc. If you use cocoa, why not provide a cocoa cup just for your intended?

I hope some of these ideas help! The only problem I’ve had is finding many gift ideas for men or ideas that men would be more likely to make. Where are you, men? If you see something along these lines, please let me know so that I can include them!

Have a safe and happy holiday!


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